How to Train a German Shepard Puppy – A Quick Guide to Training Your German Shepard Dog!

German Shepherds are extremely loyal and protective of their owners. They are frequently used as police and guard dogs, because of their fiercely protective nature. Although they can be good with children and other pets, they must be socialized and trained from an early age. German Shepherds are very intelligent and can learn quickly.

When training the keen German Shepherd it is important to provide firm, consistent instruction. They must have a clear understanding of their role in the human pack and feel confident of their master’s ability to lead. However, German Shepherds do not respond well to harsh training or unrealistic expectations. Their intelligence makes them an excellent choice for those seeking guard dogs or service animals. Here are some dog training tips to get you started on the right path.

The number one thing that a successful dog trainer must do is earn the assurance and respect of the animal to be trained. This step is particularly important when schooling a dog. A dog is social by temperament, and you should use this predisposition to make schooling him easier.

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If you grow to be the authority figure for your dog, then he will be sure in his connection with you making any training task easy for him to comprehend. If you try to leave out this step, it will be virtually impossible to train your dog. Respect is something that you wordlessly demand through frequent, constant and evenhanded interaction with your dog. When your dog is confident and respects you, you will be amazed at how easy it is to communicate with him.

In a dog’s view, love and friendliness are not the same as loyalty and confidence. By indiscriminately showering a new puppy with petting and affection, you may be making your training work more complicated down the road. Sometimes drawing a hard line between tolerable and intolerable conduct and enforcing it can be hard. You will not do your dog any good when you indulge him as a puppy and then demand him to defer to you when you are ready to begin training him.

A world that has evenness in its origin helps a dog be aware of what is anticipated of him. Each dog in the pack understands what is required of it, and knows its position in the pecking order. Good luck training your new German Shepard puppy!

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