Miniature Pet Pigs – Why Are They Such Popular Pets?

What do David Beckham, Paris Hilton, and George Clooney have in common? They are all part of a growing group of miniature pig pet owners!

Miniature pigs have been popular pets since potbellied pigs were introduced to the United States and Europe from Asia nearly 50 years ago. Since then, selective breeding has been creating smaller and smaller lines of pigs in an attempt to create the perfect pet pig. The result is some of the cutest, most adorable pets around.

But not only are miniature pigs adorable, they are incredibly smart too. In fact, pigs are the fourth smartest animal on Earth. That makes them the smartest pet you can have. This intelligence helps make pigs curious, social, attentive, and playful pets.

However, it also makes being a pet pig owner demanding. Pigs need to be constantly entertained. This means they either need someone near them at all times, or they need other animals to interact with. Many owners that can’t be with their pig all day will typically get two pigs so they have a buddy to play with.

If owning a mini pig is something you want, there are a few important facts to consider.

• First, like all pets, if you get your pig as a baby, it will get bigger. Many people are shocked after they get their little piggy by how big it grows up, even if it is still a fraction of the size of normal farm hogs. The reality is that pigs can grow to be anywhere between 35 and 150 lbs. as an adult. Worst of all, many breeders will tell you your pig will stay small when it won’t. The best and most reliable way to get the size of pig you want is to look at the baby pig’s parents. If the parents are more than two years old, they are full grown and will be a good indicator of how big the baby will get.

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• The second important thing to consider when getting a pig is that they really do like to eat. A lot! It is crucial then that you plan to feed it a healthy diet of miniature pet food and vegetables. Other snacks are ok as special treats, but you can’t just let your pig eat whatever it wants. The good news is that because food is such a huge treat, you can easily train your pig to do all kinds of different tricks for a little bit of food.

• The third thing to consider is that in nature, pigs root in the ground for their food. That means that even if you plan to house train your pig, it needs a yard to play in for a part of every day. However, this can just as easily be a “sandbox” of dirt that you build for your pig in the backyard. Having time outside though will help keep it active and keep its weight under control.

While pigs are unlike any other pet in their demands, they are also wonderful pets that offer a personality that few other animals can.

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