Things You Need to Know About Pet Rabbits

Each year rabbits are given to children as pets for Easter and at other times of the year. It isn’t long before the small creature is growing though and many children will lose interest. The number of pet rabbits that end up abandoned in shelters is extremely high. Since they are bred to be a domesticated animal, there isn’t a way to just turn them out into the wild and expect that they will survive.

It takes a great deal of time and patience to properly care for a pet rabbit. Some of them are allowed to roam around the house as a dog or a cat would. Others are kept in pens so that they are confined to a given area. It is important to make sure the cage is large enough for them. You also need to keep each rabbit in its own pen so that they won’t fight or breed.

You will need to find a good veterinarian to help you care for your pet rabbit. If you don’t plan on breeding it then you should have it spayed or neutered. There are also a series of vaccines that should be given based on the breed. They will help keep your rabbit healthy.

Depending on the breed of rabbit that you choose and how it is cared for, you can expect it to live up to fifteen years. Rabbits are known to be intelligent animals and they are often quite friendly and social.

Each rabbit will have a distinct personality that it exhibits though. Some of them are quite entertaining in their actions while others tend to sit there and do nothing. You should schedule some time each day to play with your rabbit as well as to take it outdoors for exposure to the sunlight.

Since there are so many pet rabbits at rescue centers you should consider adopting one of them instead of getting a new one. You will be saving the animal from certain death as there just isn’t enough of a demand for them to find homes for each of them. You also want to find a one that will do well in your type of climate.